Stream live 360 degree video from theta camera to Oculus Go VR headset [HELP]

Hello, I’m working on an academic project that involves the idea of streaming live content from a theta 360 camera wirelessly to an Oculus Go or a similar VR headset. I have finished reading some articles and guides posted on this community site. I wanted to know where to begin with in order to develop an application or something similar that can do the job for me. Anything else related would also be quite helpful for me to gain knowledge. And I think live stream is possible using a Ricoh Theta V camera wirelessly and stream on the Oculus Go headset. What about the Theta S series, can it do the same? But I also wonder if there would be enough battery power to support the camera, and if this camera should be fitted onto an Off road robot then there could be some sort of an external power supply attached to the robot to keep the power supply on for hours.