Streaming to Unity through Wifi - Ricoh Theta V


I have a Ricoh Theta V (bought 3 years ago) and I develop a simple app in Unity to stream the 360 images from Wifi (RTSP stream).

I used the VLC for Unity plugin and it works well with Unity 2022.x and Android API level >29.

However, I also have a VR headset which is compatible only with older versions of Unity, i.e Unity 2019.4.17f1.

However with this older Unity version, the stream is opened but there is some error preventing the image to display (Ricoh Theta V camera light turns red, blinks and the streaming stops).

I think there is a timeout error leading to the stream interruption.

Dose anyone had a similar issue? Can I increase the time out parameter of my Ricoh Theta V’s server?

Can you post the script that you’re using to display the stream into the skybox or sphere using the the VLC for Unity Plugin?

Are you having the problem within the Unity editor? Or, is the problem when you transmit it to the mobile phone physical device?

Hello, thank you for answering.

The script is the VLC for Unity VLCPlayerExample.cs, in the demo scripts, replacing “string path” with “rtsp://my_ip:8554/live/resolution=5376x2688”.

The problem is within the Unity editor, but only with 2019 version, with version 2021 or upper, it works as expected.