Develop plugin for Ricoh ThetaV with Unity

Hi guys,
We’re trying to create a custom plugin using Unity. Since Theta is an Android device and it’s easy to develop a solution using just one environment, we tried the Unity route.

We created a script to read the video stream and display it on a textured plane ( While trying to get the image from the “webcam” of the Theta we incurred in this issue. The plugin, run using Vysor, is not able to get the video stream from the webcam. (here’s the log:

To test the issue, we created a sample scene with just a plane and a script to load the “webcam” from the Theta V 360 (

We created the APK via Unity, uploaded using the Unity Build and Run command, we can launch the app (making sure to kill camera services) but the script does not render the video on the textured plane.

The same app, installed on an Android 9 phone (Sony Xperia) worked flawlessly, while on the Theta it seems to have some issues initialising the video stream from the camera.

Does any of you have experience in creating a plugin for Theta from Unity?

Many thanks,

Sample scene:
Sample code:
Error log: