THETA Live Streaming From Moving Car with Cellular Modem

RICOH THETA S live streaming in 360 to YouTube from a moving car using cellular modems and cloud stitching.

Information on setup is here:


Is this the best resolution we can get?

That test clip was done with the THETA S, which has a maximum resolution of 1080. The new THETA V has 4K live streaming.With 4 cellular modems bonded together, Streambox may be able to get higher resolution. I’ll ask them.

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I see. But compare with regular 1080, this look blurry

The maximum viewing area is less than 1080p. It’s a sphere, so you’re only seeing a portion of the video screen (about 1/3). The example in the video is about the best you’re going to see from the THETA S streamed over mobile. I think it’s a realistic representation of what you can expect.

You’ll get better quality with the THETA V, which is 4K. I sent a note to streambox to see if they’ve tested their cloud encoder with the THETA V. I am still waiting for a reply.