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THETA Plug-in Connected to Temperature and Humidity Sensors with Bluetooth Data Advertisements

The camera connects to these SwitchBot sensors.

Code for the project is here:

Temperature and humidity sensors to connect to the THETA Z1 with BLE scan to advertise data. The THETA then provides a WebUI using Wi-Fi. Both AP and CL modes work.


  • Acquires the temperature and humidity advertised by multiple SwitchBot thermo-hygrometers and displays them in a list on the WebUI (dynamic update)
  • The humidity history of one thermo-hygrometer selected from the list is displayed as a graph on the WebUI (dynamic update).
  • Take a picture triggered by a sudden rise in humidity of one thermo-hygrometer selected from the list (judgment is in THETA. WebUI is for visualization and is not essential)

This plugin is based on this plugin that displays the live preview on the WebUI, and adds BLE processing.

Description of the command added to the base project


List of extended commands

No Command Name
1 camera.getSwitchBotList
2 camera.setTrigger
3 camera.getHumidityList

Extended command details (click to open !!!)

Development Environment


  • RICOH THETA V Firmware ver.3.40.1 and above
  • RICOH THETA Z1 Firmware ver.1.50.1 and above


  • RICOH THETA Plug-in SDK ver.2.1.0

Development Software

  • Android Studio ver.3.5.3
  • gradle ver.5.1.1

Additional Information