Theta tripod extension adaptor


After buying an original Ricoh branded one from Japan, I thought about making my own and then got searching and found these reasonably priced ones.

Great for accessing the charging and HDMI ports whilst on tripods.



or make one yourself for $1


We made one from a 1/4 tum brass screw there was laying around in the workshop
and a pies of plastic pipe 2 in one
no 2 tin soldered copper wire into the screw sheaf :slight_smile:

0 sek.= 0 USD homemade are the best.


Thanks for sharing all these ideas. I just realized that I can use a rubber o-ring to get more grip between the tripod extension and the camera. I think have have a pack of these for fishing. I also think that those small rubber bands for teeth braces would work. Of course, I can just drive down to my hardware shop and buy some o-rings, but it might be nice to find a solution in my garage.


Using this light stand mini mini ball head (costs 2$)


Thank you for the report. Is there a link to purchase this? Or, maybe just the name of the brand so other people can benefit from this find. Just to confirm, the USB cable can be plugged in while you’re using the extension you have in the picture, right?


Something like this will work.