RICOH Theta Stand TM-1 Available in US

Available on the RICOH site for $199.99:

RICOH THETA series dedicated monopod. The camera platform and leg are reduced in size to prevent them from appearing in a RICOH THETA’s image, and a quick-release system is adopted for the camera platform. The length when stowed is 53.5 cm (21 inches), and it can be extended up to 150 cm (59 inches) with a single touch of a button.


Nice gear, but a little pricey.

A carbon monopod and tripod base do the same job for me.

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@Ingo_Pless Can you post any more details or links for specific products you use? I don’t have a good base for the Manfrotto monopod I have, am curious about what you’d suggest.

Hi there,

Pretty simple, i.e. cheap.

Has done the job so far.

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This looks a nice tripod to stabilize the THETA. It doesn’t look like a very wide base. The TM-1 can be extended up to 150cm / 59 inches. Do you use it for those kinds of heights?

Up to 24cm between the tips on full spread.

I have used this on a lightweight 2.7m monopod at full height, carefully :slight_smile:

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The price is good. :slight_smile:

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The picture is helpful, thank you!

And here it is, in use, on the monopod - I find it adequate.