THETA Unofficial Guide 360 Time-Lapse Video Challenge



Example Python console output from a short run of the script.

API is 2.1

Capture mode set to Image

Select image capture resolution - H for 2688x5376 or return for 1024x2048

Auto Program, Delay 0, Shutter Volume 0, Sleep Mode Off & JPEG 2688x5376 have been set

Input number of images to capture or 0 to exit

Taking Picture 1 of 10 @ 2017-04-03 12:34:38

Processing Picture…

Transfer image:
1 of 10

Taking Picture 2 of 10 @ 2017-04-03 12:34:46

Processing Picture…

Deleted from camera:

Transfer image:
2 of 10

Taking Picture 10 of 10 @ 2017-04-03 12:35:49

Processing Picture…

Deleted from camera:

Transfer image:
10 of 10
All 10 images shot in 0:01:19

Deleted from camera:

Job Completed - 10 images shot, transfered and deleted in 0:01:25


I did another run last night so I took a proper Advanced THETA Bungie Cord Technique photo.


That is a thing of beauty. And incidentally looks quite stable.


Even though it was cloudy last night it was a Full Moon so I set up for a shoot of 5000 Hi-Res pictures starting just before Sunset. I decided not to use auto on this run and opted to use a fixed iso of 320 while letting the Theta S pick the shutter speed. I also set the WB to “shade”. I woke up at 5am and checked the iPhone 7+ which was running the Python script and storing all the stills only to find that it completed its full run 10 minutes earlier at 4:52. Since sunrise had not yet started I went ahead and started another run of 1500 Hi-Res pictures at 5:09.

When I got up again at 8am I found that the script had stopped while processing picture 418 of the second run at 6:04 (Sunrise was to be at 6:12). Close.

I went and pulled the rig back into the house to find that the Theta S status light was blinking red but all the rest of the lights looked good. My battery was still at 3/4 charge. The Theta S returned to normal operation after a power reset. I have no idea why it froze.

I used FFMPG to create the two linked videos. One is 60 fps and the other is 30 fps. I used all 5417 pictures (5376x2688) that I had captured to make the videos (converted down to 2048x1024).

The run of 5000 was completed in 10 Hours 38 minutes and 30 seconds for an average of 7.662 seconds per picture.

It is surprising what can be done with an iPhone running a python script, a Theta S, external battery, selfie stick and bungie cords.

60 fps video
30 fps video

Use the 1080 quality viewing selection on YouTube for best results.


first link not working (the 60 fps one). This would be good for surveillance. Also probably good for events if you can find a way to prevent theft of the camera.


Thanks for the heads up on the link. An extra space snuck in at the end of the link. It should be working for you now.

Edit: Actually the 60 fps link was still tagged as private on YouTube. Sorry.


30 fps video link works but 60 fps video says “This video is unavailable.”


Fixed. Now set as a Public Link.


Not a Astronomer sorry, what planet are following in front of the moon :white_circle:


Couldn’t get a real answer on the star near the full moon (I see it, too) but I did find this out:

The April full moon, known as the Seed Moon, Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, or Fish Moon, always shines in or near the stars of Virgo. It rises around sunset and sets around sunrise. This is the only night in the month when the moon is in the sky all night long. The rest of the month, the moon spends at least some time in the daytime sky.


By the way, I’m not sure I totally believe what I just pasted in as a comment! It’s really cool watching the full moon in Bob’s video, fun being able to track it as you want or to look at other details. 360 is pretty damn cool. And I was enjoying watching it set… then it came back up again! It had just passed behind a roof, not a real moonset. Anyway, it came back out as the sun was up and the sky was light. So it was still up in the sky at least during some morning light. :full_moon:


@jcasman The Moon set prior to official Sunrise if that means anything.


@Svendus I believe that would be Jupiter.


Ok thank you

Keep up shooting great Time-Lapse Videos :theta:


Bob we did play a little with
Your Time_Laps :innocent:

Hope You docent mind ?


@Bob_White, I believe your comment about “official Sunrise.” I ran into the concept of Civil, Nautical, and Astronomical sunrises (and sunsets) while learning to sail in the San Francisco Bay. I don’t know where exactly your video was filmed, but I’m willing to believe even with some light in the sky that the moon could set “before sunrise.” :slight_smile:


Actually really like @Svendus’s “sampling” of @Bob_White’s time-lapse! A different perspective. And nice music. (And the music doesn’t skip when you jump forward in the video. I guess the audio track is not part of the video. Interesting.)


@jcasman Yes you are right, we did not touch the Video, it could have been streaming from YouTube as well
Same thing with the music :slight_smile:


I see that you are using Pano2VR. You appear to also be hosting the player on your own site. The playback is very smooth. I am impressed.


With the Play Pause button You can now pause Your Time_Laps
and play with the projecktion