THETA Unofficial Guide 360 Time-Lapse Video Challenge



After viewing the @Svendus rendition of my Full Moon time-lapse video using Pano2VR I decided to download the trial version of Pano2VR and see what I could do with it. The attached link is to my own private server which is hosting the Pano2VR player and my Full Moon time-lapse video (actually two copies of the video in two separate resolutions to allow for viewing at best resolution over a wider range of devices).

I copied one of the skins that came with Pano2VR Version 5.2 beta3 (build date 14 April 2017 64bit Cocoa) and modified it to have controls that I thought were necessary to study the Full Moon and Jupiter transition across the sky. I also tried to position the starting 360 view so that it was at the correct location for the Moon/Jupiter rise. I was using a 13 inch Macbook Pro retina for viewing when I was doing this optimization.

I want to thank Jesse and crew of THETA Unofficial Guide 360 for throwing out this challenge and @Svendus for getting me interested in using Pano2VR. I have only been using Pano2VR for a couple of days and I have not begin to scratch the surface of it’s capabilities.

And now the link:
Full Moon Time-Lapse

The above link will be a “work in progress” as I continue to learn more about using Pano2VR and further customize my video presentation.

I have found that when using my iPhone that I need to double tap the screen to have the video controls appear on the screen.

Also on devices with gyro control you need to be facing North with your device vertical to have the screen aligned so that it will be looking at the optimal viewing spot for Moon/Jupiter rise.



no it is a matter of how you use the skin
the Pano2Vr skin editor are rather advanced
This panorama uses the same skin it should run nicely on iOS :slight_smile:


@Svendus your link does not always display the controls in the proper place in the landscape mode on my iPhone 7+. Sometimes they are not visible until I rotate to Portrait and then back to landscape.
I had the same problem when I had the HTML5 Control settings Double-Click to Toggle Fullscreen unchecked. With that box checked then a double tap on the 7+ screen will force a Full Screen and the controls to appear. This is not a Pano2VR problem but more a work around for how iOS controls landscape and fullscreen.


Yes full screen only works on iPhone when going from Portrait to Landscape
then you are not allowed to touch the screen the menus will be back
background Sound are also a mystery in iOS :relaxed:


Birds Dancing in the early spring longing for summer:
Music: Movie Studio Platinum \Country\Cool Surprise\Cool Surprise.mp3


I like the fuzzy transitions between images. And I’m once again impressed by how much adding music adds to a video. But it’s equirectangular?! Not 360?? That’s so 20th century, Svend!


You are right without music it would have been depresive
it is shot with a DSLR timmelapse shutter @ 2 sec interval 90 degree.
You see we do not have Australian summer right now
a360 would have been even worse :grinning:


With a picture every 2 seconds, how many frames did you use per second in the completed timelapse?


The camera used continues to shoot continuously as long as memory lasts
and The trigger is fully depressed.
The Sony (SLT-A55 / A55V) camera captures images at a maximum of approximately 10 frames per second 16 Megapixel
the DSLR timelapse shutter can tricker the camera down to one image sec
the 2 minutes Video are 25P


@codetricity here are the YouTube stats for the @Svendus video.

So to answer your question 25 fps.


4K :grinning: