THETA V 360 is Output Dual-Fisheye , not EquiRectangular

I have watch this video.
And How does it do that Output Dual-Fisheye?

It’s a video from file, not a live stream.

When you save the video to the camera, it’s in dual-fisheye

How can I get this file?
I get the file which is equirectangular format.
The file is from Android “Theta S” APP.

plug your THETA V into your laptop or desktop computer with a USB cable, then open the camera as storage device.

So…I have a question

The Equirectangular image transfer to dual-fisheye image.
It must have fisheye coordinate parameter of r.
r is named radius.
And it is a constant? What is it value?

Are you looking for the precise lens parameter information, or a rough number?

this might be useful for you for the rough approximation. Ricoh does not release the specific lens parameter information…

Yes, it is the fisheye lens parameter of focal length.
I want this value number which is Ricoh define.

When I get .mp4 file which is dual-fisheye format.
Which app can turn this .mp4 file to equirectangular format?
I will try to decompiler this app and find this value.
It sound so crazy…


check this out

The lens parameter information is not publicly available. If you are involved in a large project, you may be able to contact Ricoh directly and negotiate access to the information under NDA.

Is this a potentially large project?

This person used JPEXS Flash Decompiler to access XMP data. I don’t think he accessed the data you’re looking for. The desktop app is made with Adobe Air.