Finding camera intrinsic matrix of Ricoh Theta V

I am trying to do some AprilTag detection with Ricoh Theta V. It is already streaming the stiched live video feed and openCV can handle frames and do processing on those frames.

I wanted to find out how we can find the 3X3 camera intrinsics matrix for the Theta V via camera calibration.

I do not know what the 3x3 camera intrinsics matrix is. Can you provide more explanation? I read through this article, but still can’t figure out what you’re looking for.

This might be an unrelated project, but just letting you know about this other OpenCV work.

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Ya I was talking about the Hartley Zisserman Intrinsic matrix. I found out this article, not sure if it will work with Theta V images.

The link I gave doesn’t work. Spherical camera is different from fisheye and normal cameras. I am not sure how spherical camera calibration works.