Z1 water resistant housing

I see there are a couple of different water resistant housings for the ‘S and V’ model’s but I can find nothing for the Z1. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thank you

I have heard of people building custom housing, but that is expensive.

If it is for outdoor use, but not underwater, you can use a glass globe for a lamp.


Koen Hufkens’s GitHub page lists the glass globe at $35.

Hello I am new to the community, I have ordered a Theta Z1(yes, I know about the X and this is a conscious decision!) and I would like use the camera for a rainy time-lapse.
I see there are a couple of options for the Theta V etc but nothing official for the Z1.
Does anyone have a work around?

Hi Craig, Thank you! this simple solution could work well.

I would also be interested in hearing from others who have gone down the more expensive route on custom housings.