THETA Z1 Firmware 3.20.3 Available

Available here: Download | RICOH THETA

Details will be available here: theta-api-specs/theta-firmware-history at main · ricohapi/theta-api-specs · GitHub

(As of morning of May 21, 2024, it’s not updated. I’ll update this post as soon as there’s more info available.)

maybe the 3.20.3 is just a bug fix and there’s no no features?

It would be great to know what bugs were fixed…

Details added to the documentation:



Adding specific information on _hdrBracket

  • You can now change the bracket settings for HDR mode. This is true for both Z1 (v3.30.2 or later) and X (v2.50.2 or later). And it is true for the WebAPI and for the USB API. This setting is only for HDR mode, not for Handheld HDR mode.
  • Find out the settings with camera.getOptions. Set the settings with camera.setOptions

Support values for new HDR bracket settings

Key Description
0 -4Ev / ±0Ev / +2Ev (default value)
1 -1Ev / ±0Ev / +1Ev
2 -2Ev / ±0Ev / +1Ev
3 -3Ev / ±0Ev / +3Ev
4 -4Ev / ±0Ev / +4Ev
5 -5Ev / ±0Ev / +2Ev

nice find. These look like the changes for firmware 3.30.2, not the changes for 3.20.3 that is indicated in the title.

Maybe add a clarification?

The firmware 3.20.3 appears to be a bug fix.

Firmware 3.30.2 appears to be feature enhancement.