Theta Z1 not charging with ethernet adapter

Hello !

Finally received my Theta Z1 and… ethernet seems to work, but when plugged, power delivery is not working.
It was working with the Theta X i had previously.

Also, where can i find the Postman collection to interact with it through LAN ?

Thanks !

Unfortunately, the Z1 does not use power delivery (PD) input over the USB port. The camera battery will drain if you use Ethernet.

The Z1 uses Battery Charging 1.2 Charging Downstream Port (BC 1.2 CDP).

You can stream the Z1 over the USB cable (without using an Ethernet adapter) for 24x7 operation. There are no success reports using a USB-C splitter with the Z1 to get the power into the Z1 when using an Ethernet adapter. People have tried.

Current technique is to stream over the USB cable (without Ethernet) or use WiFi.

USB API - theta-api-specs/theta-usb-api at main · ricohapi/theta-api-specs · GitHub
WebAPI - theta-api-specs/theta-web-api-v2.1 at main · ricohapi/theta-api-specs · GitHub

Feels like i will return it too.
Can’t even record more than 25 minutes, can’t charge with ethernet, no way i can connect to USB with a 10 meters cable… And the plug is in the way of the Kodak screw meaning i already cut some cables i can no longer return.

Too hard to find a 360 webcam over ethernet it looks like.
I’ll try WLAN if i can find a way to have a stable stream, but i’m pissed off right now, having a 4K@30 stream does not look like something that complicated.

Edit: thanks btw @craig , nothing against you. I just think it’s too bad that there seems to be no product on the market that fits what i need, 360 or not. Even at gopro or insta360 they are not capable of providing a simple way to connect to OBS or anything else.

thanks for the discussion. I understand that the technology may not meet your requirements. It’s interesting to see the creative ideas of people like you pushing the envelope. If it were my money, I would return the unit if it didn’t meet my requirements. Of course, everyone understands this. Hopefully, the technology will evolve to meet your requirements in the future. Respect your efforts in trying.