Theta X USB connection without battery

Hello !

I just bought a Theta X, and did not plan initially to put any battery inside, but my computer does not provide enough Power to the Theta to fully unlock its features when i plugged it (cannot update firmware, only access internal memory).

Do you have any suggestion to allow connecting the camera to the computer and provide power at the same time ?
I also bought a noname 100W power supply with usb-c (and an ethernet adapter with PD), which work perfectly. But would an Y-adapter, or an OTG adapter with PD would work ?
I saw some references on Amazon that allow OTG with 60W PD.

Thanks !

I know the problem you are describing, but I do not know of a solution. Can you post a link to the Y-adapter you are looking at? I have not heard of any attempts to use a Y-adapter.

I can use an Ethernet adapter with Power Delivery (PD) passthrough and access the camera API over Ethernet without the battery inside the camera.

This type of hub does not work in my tests. I have not looked into OTG.

After some searches, i only found dangerous solutions (like T adapters that would require some voltage to the power supply and could also fry my motherboard with it).
For instance (dangerous i think):

On the other hand Power Delivery + USB data transfer is working on a MacBook Pro…

This is really too bad that Ricoh does not provide a solution for that.

I have not tried the adapter listed, but it does not seem like it would work in the connection architecture below. I do not think the laptop would be able to communicate with the camera. However, I have not tried.

It looks like the plug with the lightning bolt on it would send power only (I hope) to the plug that is connected to the X in the picture above.

I do not know if the laptop can connect to the same splitter and communicate with the camera.

I purchased this type of cable for testing with a USB hub for a similar connection.

It did not work.