What file format to select when recorfing from Theta to OBS Studio?

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I recorded a 2h15 min session with OBS Studio, and it saved it as FLV. I then remuxed it with the Studio’s own remuxer to get it into MP4.

When I tried to use the Ricoh Movie Converter on it, it said the file format wasn’t right.

So, what settings should I use on OBS Studio to create a file that would work?

Is the video file in equirectangular or dual-fisheye? If you output from OBS, the metadata will be stripped out. You can output to equirectangular, then inject the metadata.

spatial-media/README.md at master · theta360developers/spatial-media · GitHub

You may need to set the projectiontype to equrectangular.

I did some experiments with long video below.

Thanks for this, I may actually be one step behind in the system now. I don’t see the THETA 4K, all I see is the THETA UVC. I wasn’t able to install the driver now, as the installation process says I have already installed it.

Also, I don’t see where the “output to equirectangular” option is in OBS Studio.

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Current driver is RICOH THETA UVC. Old driver was THETA 4K.



Hi @HeikkiH ,
You could also try recording with my HDR wireless live streaming plugin. It can record the same quality as with Studio, but in h.265 encoding and for hours…

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oh, that’s a good idea!

More information at the link above.

this is a test of archive on YouTube (it first streamed to YouTube)

This is a test of saving the file locally inside the camera without streaming.

It’s not clear if the original poster is using a V, Z1, or X. I believe that HDR Wireless Live Streaming plug-in only works with Z1 at the moment.

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An important note, that there is no stabilization , unless you use a device like dji osmo. But when you try to use OBS Studio and to record, there is also no stabilization done and there is no HDR video recording mode neither, but in my plugin there is. If no stabilization is needed, especially if you record by using 20mbps or higher bitrate and h.265 encoding, the quality may be even better…

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the HDR Wireless Live Streaming plugin worked great in my test of several hours.

One note of caution is that when I saved to internal Z1 storage, I tested the maximum recording time. When the file exceeded the maximum storage on the camera, the camera OS crashed and wasn’t able to boot until I did a factory reset.

It may be safer to archive it on YouTube, then use youtube-dl to get the video from YouTube to a laptop.

Hi, @craig,
yes, I remember this!
I think that happened on a preliminary plugin version, when I shared to you directly and not the version available in the store. However a user from Taiwan was testing the actual latest release plugin at plugin store and did record some extremely long shots, even when storage is full worked fine for him. I covered a use case in plugin, so that before storage is full it will stop recording properly. I will ask him if he ever noticed a similar issue with the latest plugin that is there to make sure.

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@biviel , yes, I had the problem with the pre-release version. It’s wonderful that you solved the storage full problem in the production version. Great work with the plugin.