Record the entire DJ set (more than 4 hours) using an external computer?

This is helpful…

THETA V Long Video Plug-in: Recording beyond 25 minutes

336% increase in length of video saved to camera - increased time from 25 minutes to 84 minutes

One step further…

…I would like to use an external computer (Mac, Windows, Raspberry Pi) with large SSD storage to record the entire DJ set that is going to last around 4 hours.

Are there any tutorials how to do that?

Livestreaming - Let's live stream in 4K using RICOH THETA V | RICOH THETA - could be an option but it requires realiable internet and the quality won’t be preserved.

(I’m interested in preserving the highest quality)

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Can you use a USB cable and OBS and save the video to file? You will need to add a separate audio line into your laptop to record the audio. The live stream audio is single channel mono.

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Thank you for your recommendation.

I will try it out and report and the progress.

(need some time, pretty busy with life and other projects)

See this thread.