10+ hours of non-stop surveillance video saved to internal storage

I successfully recorded a single 10 hours and 55 minutes 2K video and saved it to the THETA V internal storage using a custom plug-in.

This is a proof of concept to see if the THETA V can be used for scientific environment monitoring, factory workflow optimization, and retail store traffic analysis.

I’m using a combination of internal battery, external battery, and wall socket for the test. The THETA V continues to record video even when I move it from my house to the park. I’m just showing a short clip to show the limitations of the video quality.


I’ve limited the file to 19.0 GB.


I think the quality is good enough for scientific analysis, but I’m curious to hear what other people think.

Thanks for any feedback on this experiment.


  • 10 fps
  • audio is not usable right now, but I can probably get it to work
  • 2K video
  • not tested for production use. Proof of concept only.

Post production Tools

To get the video onto YouTube with voice over, I used the following:


The video also works locally on my PC with VLC 3.0


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