Analyzing THETA 5.4K Video

Using the Google Street View app as a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, I can take 5.4K video and save it to the camera.


The key parameters:

  • 84 Mbps bitrate
  • 5376 x 2688 resolution
  • 5 fps

Subjective Assessment

Fantastic Detail

The detail is noticeably better.

Good detail on Windows 10 Movies and TV player. Plays fine with no modifications to file.

Jerky Framerate

The 5 fps is jerky.

I’m immediately wondering if the 84 Mbps bitrate can only support 5 fps. Maybe there’s a way to increase the fps?

Testing with Plug-in API

Initial testing with the plug-in API did not yield 5.4K video. This functionality may not be immediately accessible from the API

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Hi, @codetricity I absolutely agree with you.
However, we need 1-3 FPS to reduce the file size. 5.4K video is dedicated for publishing Street View(Blue Lines) on Google Maps.

Ajusting fps feature would be better for us. Please send your thoughts or feedback through the form on Connect.

Early access: video mode in the Street View app


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