$3 Tripod Modification for THETA Live Streaming USB Cable

Thank you for the report. Is there a link to purchase this? Or, maybe just the name of the brand so other people can benefit from this find. Just to confirm, the USB cable can be plugged in while you’re using the extension you have in the picture, right?

Something like this will work.

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I ordered this one for possible giveaway at our next Micro Conference on Saturday, November 10 in San Jose.


Cost was $11.99 with free shipping. It looks like a more professional version of my homemade modification.



Another one. Don’t own this. : https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-TRIPOD-EXTENSION-EXTENDER-TUBE-EXT-1-4-20-THREAD-METAL-HD-CAMERA-ADAPTER/233229528401


FYI, page can’t be found. I will probably just build it, thanks!