360 film to 360 photo

Is it possible to get a 360 photo out of a 360 film. With printscreen I can get a “normal” photo, but no 360 photo.

If you use something like Adobe Premiere Pro


The frame needs to be in equirectangular.

See this guide for media manipulation:


In particular, you may need to inject metadata back into the screenshot.


The image must be in a 2:1 ratio. You can resize it, but you need to keep this ratio.


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Thnx. I will try this!

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There are many ways to add the metadata back into the picture. One common way is with exiftool. Once you install it, you just need to run one command, to set the ProjectionType to equirectangular.


$ exiftool -ProjectionType=equirectangular sidewaysCorrected.jpg

There is also a tool called ExifToolGUI if you want to edit the XMP data with a graphic interface.

Again, the main thing you will need is the “ProjectionType: equirectangular”. If you want to set the default tilt of your image (the starting position in a 360 image viewer), yuou can adjust the heading, pitch, and roll.