Poor rendering quality of Ricoh Theta 360 App

I have this panorama picture I took on a ricoh theta 360 camera ( I dont remember the model ), now I want the image as a 360 mirror ball image. So I went into photoshop and it came out as a complete 360 picture which is fine, but i just want a tiny selection of the 360, not the entire thing and I think theres some stitching errors, coz the picture itself is not completely round.

Anyway, I downloaded the 360 theta application for mac which works greatly, and was able to do the capture image of a selection that i wanted of the mirror ball, which was great, but it looks a little like the image itself is a little compromised in quality?

So how do you normally do this, when you wanna make the panoramo to a round 360? Without compromising quality? I’ve been looking everywhere online and can’t seem to find anyone else running into this issue

Regards Mattias

when you mean, make it round. Are you referring to a tiny planet?

The tiny planets look like this: Tiny Planets and Other Cool Stuff

The picture is of a guy on the streets w. sunglasses. So I’m not trying to make a tiny planet, but what I’m looking for instead is a “fish eye” look, although it is shot on a 360 camera, so therefore not being a fish eye, rather a panorama view on a round circle.

What I’m looking for is, the same outlook as it comes out in the iphone app for ricoh theta, the mirror ball image, where you can navigate to a sort of like fish eye view of the the desired point. But when you export that image to your computer, it exports as a square panorama, thus giving the whole picture. Although, there is no option in photoshop to only, partly get a selection of that image.

So I downloaded the ricoh app, that gives me a viewport of what im looking for, it also has a ‘image capture’ option, which is great. But when I do capture that image, it then doesnt seem to be top quality. Although I could also screenshot this, and it would potentially become the same, but Im really wondering as if I’m doing this the right way. This seem so like complicated, and I’m sure that im not the first photographer to do a mirror ball image of a 360 picture and wonder how is this done in the most simple way

like this?