360 Holiday Video Stop Motion

Hi, here is the 360 holiday video I made using code gathered from here.

Lot’s of fun making this one.

Happy Holidays.


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You wear that santa suit well, Phil. :slight_smile: What kind of room is this? It looks sort of like a set but seems fairly small.

We built a tiny set on our stage.


That 5K video clarity is amazing. Nice job with all the details in this movie… Lighting and tempo all very nice. The round group with the letters at the end really engages the audience.

Hi @Phil_Spitler the Video are down this morning

I had posted the wrong link… that was just a test…

I updated the post, here is the correct link.


The great thing about 360 videos is that is encourages multiple views. When I viewed the video the first time, I did not see the TV playing above the fireplace. Quite clever. I think there’s a use of 360 videos to engage the audience in a type of game of discover. Each person viewing the video may have a different experience watching it the first time and may focus on different things.

Yes exactly check the guys at the bar, quite thirsty indeed :grinning:

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