One year time-lapse of Theta S footage at Harvard Forest

I’ve collected one year of Theta S time lapse footage at Harvard Forest. I’ve made an interactive panomoments composition which allows you to scroll through a season (or experience it in VR on a good smartphone). This should give some people inspiration.



Took me a minute to realize my head movement was what caused the forwarding through the time lapse images. Neat!

Yes, it might be a bit confusing. I also go the timing of so you rotate >360 degrees for a full year. I’ll correct this in another trial.

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Interesting. I sort of intuitively understood that a full turn was not a year, though it’s not obvious (to me) what the start and finish images or seasons are, so whether one turn = one year or not is not clear. Zero problem, mind you, since I’m personally not looking at it for explicit details.

This sort of reminds me of a feature in Cupix Review. Here’s a video of it. @khufkens, if you have more than one photo for each time point then you can upload each set to individual tours. When comparing, you’ll have a scroll-bar to navigate between time-points. You will have to align tour-to-tour, but the photo-to-photo alignment is completely automatic.

I described the alignment procedure here.

indeed, aligning from picture to picture is easier than doing it for a whole season (i.e. time series).

What a great UX! Time advancing with the turn of one’s head makes sense.


@khufkens really great timelapse capture and UX.