4K Video Sample from Next Generation THETA


Ricoh just released a sample 4K video from the new THETA. Please view it with Google Chrome. People have reported problems with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Video was taken with a pre-production next generation THETA. The sound was recorded in mono rather that spatial 360 audio. Depending on the performance of the viewer, distortion may occur. Original video on theta360.com is here. Editing was done with Adobe Premier Pro CC.

Additional information on the new THETA is here.

I’m examining the stitch line on the new THETA and the stitching quality looks excellent with no noticeable blind spots. See this screen capture below.

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@codetricity now you will surely kill me, but we had a good laugh here :smile:

Thank You for sheering.


The video looks better in your example… Did you create the video? I got the link to the clip from the RICOH Japanese site.

If you didn’t make the video, I’m assuming that someone from the community did.


We are just playing it, no filters, the reverse video always become little darker
you have to render the original and the reverse to get the replay in Pano2VR


The 4K video lies as a NOTIFICATION in the THETA S iOS app
but the app are not ready to play 4K on a 4K compatible iOS device
a uppdate has to be done
you only see the preview image