5 Most Common Problems with Plug-in Store Submissions


It’s fun to build plug-ins and get feedback from photographers. To make your plug-ins available to everyone with a THETA V or Z1, you need to submit your plug-in to the RICOH THETA Plug-in Store. Although the submission process is documented nicely, there are several small things that may result in a rejection. Here’s the top five problems to look for when you submit your plug-in to the store.

1. Change Package Name of Plug-in

If you start with the official RICOH THETA Plug-in SDK or a plug-in template, you will need to change the name of your plug-in.

Clone SDK repo.

Change domain

You cannot use com.theta360 as the domain. If you do not have a domain or want to use a generic domain, you can use guide.theta360.


Refactor Name


Press “Do Refactor”


2. Add License File

In the view below, I have “Project Files” selected. Go to app -> src -> main.

Create a new directory called assets. In the new assets folder, create a file called license.html.

Example license file.

Example on GitHub.


3. Add Camera Model Support

In AndroidManifest.xml, specify the camera model support

4. Make Sure Permissions in Manifest Match Your “Text Submission”

Make sure the permissions in AndroidManifest.xml match the text you submitted with the plug-in.


Text Submission

From the web-based form you submitted to RICOH.


5. Verify versionName format is 1.0.0

The versionName in your Gradle file must be 3 numbers separated by dots. This is not the default format when you create a new Android project with AndroidStudio.


Getting Help

If you’re having problems submitting a plug-in to the store or have any questions about the process, please contact us by posting on this forum or sending a DM to @jcasman or @codetricity