About RICOH THETA UVC Driver Streaming in unity

I have used the RICOH THETA UVC Driver version 3.0.0 and tried to get a video stream of the RICOH THETA V by WebCamTexutre in unity.
I found that the video stream I get through the RICOH THETA UVC Driver seems to be HD instead of 4K.

And among the available cameras, only “RICOH THETA UVC” can be selected, I would like to know if it is possible to use RICOH THETA UVC Driver in unity to get the 4K video stream from the RICOH THETA V , thanks.

I’m sorry that my English isn’t very good .

Does it work at 4K in OBS and not in Unity in your test?

It should work at 4K in Unity.

I am also trying to get USB streaming of live video with the Ricoh Theta V to work in Unity.

I am using:

The streaming with the Theta V in 4K works in OBS just fine. But when trying in Unity it will crash Unity.
One workaround is to use Altercam (https://altercam.com/). In Altercam I select the “Ricoh Theta UVC” as source and set the output resolution for the Virtual cam to 3840x1920. Then in Unity I will select the Altercam as source for the webcamtexture.
I have the feeling that the image delay in Unity is worse then in Altercam, but at least it works.

Because the Theta V works in OBS and in Altercam I am afraid that is has something to do with Unity and the Webcamtexture implementation I have used the Unity setup as in the attached: private_beta_test_guide_2021_12_16.pdf PDF

I have also read some of the other threads regarding the Theta and Unity on this forum and am very thankful for all the information here! With the 1.02 theta driver I get other problems… there Unity give the message: “WebcamTexture could not find a supported resolution for the selected webcam”

Any help or troubleshooting in Unity would be greatly appreciated. I know the Theta V has been around for a while, but it has still great potential. My end goal is to stream the Theta V live video to a tethered Quest 2 and then switch between the perspective of the passthrough and the 360 cam.

It works at 4K in OBS, but in unity, the only webcam I can choose from is “RICOH THETA UVC”,

and this appears to be FullHD, and there is no 4K available.

I’m using the 3.0.0 version.

I tried using the old 4K driver but could only get about 10 fps. So I wanted to try the new driver to see if it would improve the fps, but now I can’t seem to get 4K in unity using the new driver.