Advice on Viewing 6.7K 360 Video on YouTube using 8K Setting?

I’m doing a sequence image to 360 video test. On my Windows 10 desktop, the 6.7K video has good navigation. I can easily rotate the video in 360.

After uploading the video to YouTube, I can view and navigate the video as 8K, but the navigation is a bit jerky. The navigation works fine at 4K and 2K in a browser, but the resolution is lower.

I am using Google Chrome on a Windows 10 computer with 32GB of RAM, 6 Core i7, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950.

Is there a setting to make the browser smoother?


  • Chrome
  • Paused on a frame
  • video is cached in browser, so I don’t think the bandwidth is an issue



Difficult to show the difference is navigation smoothness, but if you play the YouTube video above, maybe you can see the problem? The desktop player plays smoothly. The results are similar on both the RICOH Desktop app and the built-in Windows 10 video player. In both cases, the desktop video plays fine.


Browser Settings

As the navigation works fine at 4K, maybe it is a RAM allocation setting for the browser?

@craig both in 8k and 4k is the same for me on a desktop windows 10 machine. It may be related to your machine/video card. I will check on another notebook too and let you know. I used Chrome.

Craig, make sure that you are running only once tab of 360 videos in your browser please. I had this issue before. Doublecheck please, and also restart machine please and test again/close browsers and make sure only one youtube tab is running.

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Laszlo, thanks for your help. I think this is specific to my machine. I have another laptop that is newer that I can test. I suspect it will work on a different computer. When I first did the test, I thought it was something related to YouTube. Now, I think that maybe my video card or some software related to the card is a bit old.

Update 6/21/2021 afternoon.

I tested on a laptop and the 8K video works fine with 360 navigation. I used an ASUS Zephyrus G14 for the latest test. Works fine.

There’s likely something wrong with my graphics card on my desktop system. I am having a problem with Premiere Pro as well.