YouTube 360 Video Display Improvements?

My son was viewing a 360 video on YouTube via the Chrome browser on the Mac and “discovered” a feature. (?)
While watching the video in 4K, he had clicked full screen.
It appears the ability to zoom in and out is now possible via the scroll wheel? Was this feature previously available?
The best part of this function is the ability to fully ZOOM out completely which made the video much crisper since the center part of the video is nice and sharp where ones attention is and looks even better when I exit full screen and continue watching via the browser.
I hope YouTube implements some better controls for 360 video display format (bubble, equirectangular etc.) but I’m super happy to see how much better the Theta V video looks.


Thanks for this tip. I’m going to try it now.

I think the “ultra wide” angle look isn’t for everyone, but for me, I love it. I feel I’m finally enjoying the maximum quality possible of the Theta V video without it being slightly zoomed in and soft which seems to be the YouTube default.

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Thanks for pointing this out @ZZChu ! It works really well for me. In this dramatic 360 degree YouTube video, I watched in 4k, full screen, in Chrome on a MacBook Air laptop. I’m “pinching” the touchpad, not using a scrollbar, but I believe it’s the same thing.

I really like being able to zoom in on the 6 people on the opposite side of the road (“behind” the original orientation) and get a better feel for their reactions (fear, amazement).

EDIT: Here’s where I first saw the video posted: