Help Uploading 5.7K and 8K Video to YouTube

I uploaded a 2.04GB, 5760x2880 file to YouTube.

Using youtube-dl, the available formats are only 1920x1080 max resolution after more than 24 hours of waiting for the video to process.

5K resolution is not showing up in the browser.


Link to the problem video is here.

File on my desktop before upload.


I am having similar problems with 8K video. Does anyone know what I need to do to ensure the video option for at least 5K is available?

Example 8K that is working.

Example 5K that is working.

Why are some videos displaying at 8K or 5K and some are only giving the option for 2K?

Vimeo reduced both the 5.7K video and the 8K video to 4K.

What’s the best way for me to share 5.7K video or 8K video at full resolution?

@craig i think you have to be a plus or business member @ Vimeo member on Vimeo to have 5.7 and 8K in the settings! but i might be wrong?
5.7 an 8 K videos are for high speed internet connection only
500mbs and higher.
So it is not many that can go to the higher settings without lots of buffering in the player
that is why i seldom use it on my videos it is mere for fun actually
what connection speed do you have today ?
i am on a 500 x 500mbs fiber in the countryside in Sweden

I have roughly 1.5Mbps speed in a suburb of California. There is fiber 1 mile from my house, but there is no service to get it here.

However, this doesn’t explain why I am having problems with this video on YouTube. I would think that the original format would be stored on the server and listed with youtube-dl.

In the screenshot below, the 5.7K video is not listed.

In a screenshot with 5K video option, the 5.7K video is shown.

On the first video, the YouTube server is not listing the 4K or 5.7K formats as available to any browser. I suspect that even with high bandwidth, you won’t be able to see the 5K option with this video.

From camera at zoom.

On YouTube.

The original file at time of upload was 1.3GB with a 94MB bitrate in H.264.

The 5.7K was converted by YouTube servers to VP9 with a bitrate of 15.8Mbps, resulting in a loss of clarity.

I think Google the owner of YouTube measure your low connection speed and your attempt to upload the same file several times :thinking:
In my experience HEVC 265 37mbs 360 will be rendered to AVC 264 20mbs on The Google server, the only way to keep the higher bitrates are to post and stream it from your own homepage, but it is actually very few sitting on ordinary office computers that can see it even as downloads locally on the hard drive
If your site are hosted on on a server with SDD hd and a lot off memory a
HEVC 265 37mbs wil show up in good Quality and play well in newest Microsoft Edge
Version 98.0.1108.62 (Officiell version) (64 bitar) browser on an high speed internet connection.

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5.7 test.mp4 upload HEVC 265 37kbps 360

file size 294 MB
Video HEVC 265
Length 01min05sek
Image width 5760
Frame height 2880
Data rate 37856 kbit/s
Total bit rate 37988 kbit/s
Total bit rate 29.97 frames / second
Original file size 1,54 GB (1 655 143 886 byte)
Video HEVC 265
Length 01min05sek
Image width 5760
Frame height 2880
Data rate 203573 kbit / s
Total bit rate 203702 kbit / s
Frame rate 29.97 frames / second

1,54 GB


hi, @Svendus ,
this video plays only in 1080s (HD) at my place, are you sure it’s 5.7k?
I’ve fiber internet 200-300mbps stable international download speed and ~100mbps upload, able to play 8k videos without issues. As I know anything above 4k is coming as vp9 from google for sure, but even those lower resolutions are transcoded to vp9…

Regarding viewing h265 directly in Edge: it work sonly if there is a hardware decoder available on that machine, if it’s not then it doesn’t play, regardless of browser.


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Yes you are right on a PC you need K-Lite_Codec_Pack
on a Mac it installs automatically :wink:
if you read my message
Image width 5760
Frame height 2880
Original file size 1,54 GB (1 655 143 886 byte)
Length 01min05sek
is a 5.7 K Video
it is Sunday let us se to morrow if Google finish the job

Here is an old one in 5.7K shot with my Garmin 360 camera 30 may 2018
This video 5.7K were shot in RAW with a Gamin VIRB 360 Camera
Stitched, Edited and rendered in Garmin VIRB Edit

I Wonder if it has any meaning Shooting 5.7 K raw Video
All rigth the Computer can Handle it and Stritch and render the Video in VIRB Edit in 1:2 +
The time consuming are there for 4 times longer than a ready stritched 4K 1:1 rendering
The latest Firefox has great difficulties to play 5.7 K
Note: here the Latest VIRB Edit for Windows software version 5.4.2 are not compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows 10
Version 1803 (OS-version 17134.48) but has to be run in Windows 8 compatibility mode to prevent heavy blue screen crashes

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Nice job, lot of trees there… preparing for a long winter 2022/2023? :frowning:

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On the first video, I believe YouTube did not encode your file as 4K or higher. I believe the maximum viewable is 2K as indicated by @biviel

Does the encoding to 4K take more than 24 hours?

On the 2nd video with the “Vertical Woodsplitter”, I can see the 5K option even at low bandwidth from my house.


On the 2nd video with the 5K options (Vertical Woodsplitter), the bitrate for the 5K file on the YouTube server is only 12Mbps, which is lower than the bitrate for the 4K file.

Is it possible to upload a 2GB video file in 360 to a Facebook Group or Page and share it that way?

Working in 5K

Is there more information on this? Does it mean that PC users need to install the Codec pack below?

You need the codec when you streem 5.7K and higher from a webpage or server
we are not alone it migt be a temporary bug on the Google server
several reports have been on Facebook groups with this problem

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Thanks. It’s good to not be alone. :slight_smile:

I uploaded 5 videos and 3 of the five got encoded to the proper resolution.

This one 6 minutes long, exported from Premiere Pro from 5 clips combined together. I wish the process was more repeatable.

Resolution at 5K, but at reduced bitrate which makes the frames grainier than the original. However, I’m just happy that it got encoded above 2K.

my test yesterday only shows up in 1080p
but 4k rendering are finished in the settings it must be a bug !

4k rendering finished

this video are an 8K test on my MC channel

The video are stitched in Insta360 Studio 2020 Bg. Music: Yiddish Dance Cyber Link Power Director Custom size 7680x3840 8K Recorded in 5.7 K Edited in Cyber Link Power Director18 (64-bit) Rendered with a custom build template 7680x3840 Video Length 00:03:20 7680x3840 8K Data rate 35268 kbit / s Frame rate 29.97 frames / second Sound Bit rate 128 kbit / s 48,000 kHz channels 2 (stereo)

only about half of the videos I uploading are transcoded to 5K or 4K. There does not seem to be consistency in which ones are transcoded to 5K.

The video on your MC channel looks fantastic. I would love to go fishing in that area.

I would also love to be able to uploading 5K and 8K videos to YouTube consistently now (likely in the March 2022 timeframe).

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Note: play the slideshow in MS Edge or Chrome Browser (An Old Firefox only goes 4K) Visit our home village in Sweden Music Cyber Link Opposite Worlds Collide (a) MPE6-4 H265 HEVC 8K 360 Video 7680 x 3840/30p (37 Mbps) 128kb created from 29 panorama images 20000x10000 shot in the Spring 2019 with a DJI Mavic Air on 75 meters altitude. The 25 images in the Panoramas are batch Stritched in PTGui 11 Pro The 360 Slideshow are created in Cyber Link PowerDirector18 (64-bit) with a Custom build 8K 7680 x 3840 rendering template You can see the original Panorama on this link Note Do nott forget to play with the Projections in the Panorama :+1:

This is fantastic. However, it’s also a few years old. Are you able to consistently upload video over 4K now?

I just uploaded another 5.7K video last night and it is still only 2K. It’s been about 18 hours since I uploaded the video.

@craig No not lately actually i think we should report the bug to Google

To Day i am more into Virtual tours i think Multi Resolution Panoramas are muck more informative
and requires much less bandwidth see this example from THE Chernobyl Reaktor

The Tschernobyl Reactor tour is awesome. Thanks for posting it.

I think that the virtual tours might be too difficult for many people as I believe it takes more skills to take the picture and then arrange the tour. Are there any automated software that automatically takes video at 8K and automatically makes still image virtual tours from it?

You’re using Pano2VR, right? Or GoThru?

For my purposes, I am hoping to write a guide to help people use the 5.7K video from the THETA X. As the camera has this higher resolution video, I would like to help people share the videos that they take with the camera.

Does Facebook or any other site allow the free sharing of 5.7K and higher video for free? It seems like the best way to get people to start sharing is if the service is free. Most people probably want to try and share clips first and improve their technique before they pay for a service.