Assessing 360° Cameras for Real Estate Usage - RICOH THETA

Mic Ty on 360Rumors has posted a comprehensive overview of 360° cameras for real estate, spanning a range of budgets. For the All-in-One 360° cameras, RICOH THETA comes out very strong according to Ty.

Here’s the blog post called “360 cameras for real estate photography and virtual tours: 10 cameras compared, plus how to avoid being seen in a 360 photo”:

Or jump straight to the YouTube video. The Theta review starts at 5:44 and states that the Theta boasts best-in-class stitching, excellent exposure controls, and great low light abilities. These are all features that help show off properties literally in the best light.

Ty also covers the cool trick that real estate agents will want, erasing yourself from the picture. This starts at 27:12.

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He talks about 3 software packages:

The package looks the most relevant to THETA owners. I contacted them about whether they’ve done specific tests with the THETA V.

It looks like it can estimate dimensions using reference dimensions.

They look like they’re based in Korea:

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