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Batch Converting THETA 360 video

You might already know!

But It is now possible to batch convert THETA 360 video in the RICOH THETA application :slight_smile:


Thanks. I didnโ€™t know this.

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The Videos converted :confounded:

We had to reduce the video size from 15 000 000 to 8 000 000 bps
to make the 360 video play on lower internet connections
video 1
video 2 has a info interbedded .mov video made from iPhone images shot when we build the machine
video 3 are a little planet but it do not function properly without scrolling on the mouse

Pano2VR5.1 are Beta 1 under development :blush:

Is this on the phone? I donโ€™t see the ability to batch process on the PC app, only lets me select 1 at a time.

no sir it is created in the desktop application