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Creating Tiny Planet Videos on Your Desktop Workstation

GoPro VR Player

Uses GoPro VR Player instead of RICOH mobile applications to create tiny planet videos.

If you want to create tiny planet videos on your mobile device, you can use RICOH mobile applications for Android and iOS.

To get the screen capture, I’m using Open Broadcaster Software.

There several tools that RICOH makes available. The one you need to create tiny planet videos is the THETA+ Video app. Note that there is a plus sign and the word video in the application name.

  • THETA+ Video for iOS
  • THETA+ Video for Android
    NOTE: if my son is reading this, I can’t get it to work reliably on your Moto G. Maybe the next version will be more stable. This is the main reason I looked into editing the tiny planet videos on the desktop.

Here’s an example video


From Svendus

Postby Svendus » 18 Aug 2016, 20:50

Hi codetricity we are using Camtasia Studio to record the Screen on Mac and Windows
if you have a 4 or 5K screen it is possible to make a 4K Theta Video :!: and the quality stands because the THETA lenses are very sharp in the middle.
we use a cheap RØDE mic and record the audio with the RØDE recording app on an iPhone
the Audio are synced with the Video later in the Video editing Software
You can even make a THETA S Little planet Video with a droplet in Pano2VR
Martin Hopkins on Garden Gnome Software show this on this video

But it takes a lot of dish space to create a small Video
and You cannot go steeples into tunnel view

Insta360 Studio

From Thomaz Firmo
Another suggestion rather than screen record the play video is Insta360, there much more options to work with

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We did test the insta360 Studio to day, but i think you cannot make a full size Stereograpic HD little planet and not a 4K either.


Thank you. this is helpful.

Krpano has a little planet function right click the Panorama and play with it from little planet view start autorotation and see the smooth motion. :slight_smile:

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you can change the output to custom and make 4096 by 4096, and by adding Frame parameters output as Little Planet.
n.b. sure you know but Little planets are ‘stereographic projection’ but are not stereographic in terms of ‘3d’ - although it’d be interesting is someone could do that :).


@MarkTheCaz 4096x2688 are the highest screenshot on a 2K screen in Pano 2VR you can make 500 megapixel for print

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Nice sample shots. The details in the leaves and clouds of the third one posted here are really great. Also, I like the artistic portions of the image, including the house being central and the tiny planet being ringed with tress on the bottom two-thirds. Nice.

This is mostly a discussion of little planet video though, not stills. :slight_smile:
I’m a big fan of hugin for high res stitching myself… it’s been ages since it’s stitched from DSLR. Great shots!


i think the Insta360 Studio shall import Insta360 file format to be able to use all functions
here it is Grey like on the first screenshot
we have tried change the file endings on Mp4 files to .Insv and .insp but never mad any progress

@jcasman zoom in on the little Planet the photografer stands in the mittle 9 meter below the THETA :camera:

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I think I see the photographer’s head among the leaves, yes! :slight_smile: