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Build a basic mobile app for RICOH THETA cameras!

Disclaimer: I am not a developer. I just wanted to explore the functions of the RICOH THETA API and learn a bit of mobile app development!

Recently I stumbled across a set of video tutorials that detailed how to get started with the RICOH THETA API. By following the video tutorials I was able to use the command line to take pictures, download images and display camera information. However, the really exciting stuff came at the end — I was able to convert my command line application into a fully functional mobile app!

My (very basic) mobile application

Right now the application simply takes a picture, displays the last image to the screen and checks to see whether the phone is connected to the camera (personally, a very common mistake).

I’m new to both the RICOH THETA API and Flutter/Dart (the languages used to build the mobile app). However, I just wanted to highlight the tutorials that allowed me to get started in the hopes that someone more experienced might be able to build something better. Also, I learned that the API does not work as expected on some camera models, especially the THETA SC2.

My Github repository and the tutorials that I followed are linked below. You have to input your email to watch the tutorials, but they are completely free. If I make major improvements to the application I’ll update this thread!

Happy coding!

Tutorial page

My repository