camera.startCapture invalidParameterValue

hi there

I am trying to start capturing with malti bracket shooting parameter but i get status: 400 error
“code”:“invalidParameterValue”,“message”:“Any input parameter or option name is recognized, but its value is invalid.”} theta

when I set (_mode : interval) is work fine the problem is when i set ( “_mode” : “bracket”)

this is my code

"name" : "camera.startCapture",
    "parameters" : {
    "_mode" : "bracket"

"name": "camera.setOptions",
      "parameters": {
        "sessionId": "SID_0001",
        "options": {
          "clientVersion": 2,
                    "_autoBracket": {
                        "_bracketNumber": 3,
                        "_bracketParameters": [
                                "shutterSpeed": 0.004,
                                "iso": 400,
                                "_colorTemperature": 5100
                                "shutterSpeed": 0.004,
                                "iso": 320,
                                "_colorTemperature": 5100
                                "shutterSpeed": 0.004,
                                "iso": 1600,
                                "_colorTemperature": 5000

What version of the camera (S or V) and firmware are you using? Do you have firmware 1.82 (for THETA S)?

thank you i updated my sc theta and its work
but i am trying to take 3 capture in one photo

what i did in my posted code was taking and saving 3 photo with different options

how can i compin them in one ?

i appreciate your help

thank you

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I think the official RICOH THETA mobile can take HDR photos with the SC, right?

If you want to do it on your own, you can use opencv on your mobile device. See the example below that is doing it internal to the THETA V. However, as the THETA V is running an Android OS, there are examples it looks to that show how to get it to work on a normal Android mobile phone.

Can you provide more information on what you intend your app to do? It sounds interesting.

HDR plugin to automatically create EXR file. For VFX use

THETA API Usageplugin

opencv hdr

This app might work:

thank you
i am using ionic to implement an app take 360 from theta for VR purposes
i am trying to enhance image quality from theta because when i compare my image with other theta apps images , their image is better than mine in quality

some apps take 3 captures in one , and only one image saved in theta , and that’s what i am trying to do .

I tried both file size and it is not that quality i seek to get