Better bracketing on THETA App?

Finally got my Theta Z1 and running into some issues getting bracketed HDRs with it. The Dual Fisheye plug in doesn’t support it, Authydra does, but only in Jpeg mode (as of now), and the Official Theta App is PAINFULL at setting up multi brackets. Every single setting needs to be updated for every exposure any time I need to change something. if the light changes, I have to change the setting for everything. it’s bordering on useless. Is there another app or plug in or a setting in the Theta App that will let me set the an overall setting (color temp, ISO, Aperture, Etc) and set up the number of exposures and the stops (f-stops) between those exposures?

I really like how Authydra’ web interface works where you can set up number of exposures and the steps between them, but I really need to be able to do this with RAW. Otherwise, why even have the Z1?


I should have a version of what you’re asking for available for testing within the next week. It also attempts to keep track of the images with a slate text field and will export a JSON or CSV file to assist with organizing/autorunning HDRI with the offloaded images. Unfortunately, due to camera API limitations I cannot do that final step through the iOS App.

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