Car interior cubemap projection for equirectangular to square "close up"

Testing THETA X 11K image automatic equirectangular to cubemap projection for car interior detail extraction. The superior 11K image resolution of the THETA X makes it better for closeup images compared to the the lower 5.4K image resolution of the SC2.



automatic conversion. cubemap can be rotated

all square detail images automatically made from single THETA X image

from cubemap


drivers’s seat

rear seat behind driver

rear passenger

passenger door

roof with door controls

roof interior with some dirt on ceiling

try it yourself


alternative to cubemap projection using OpenCV

If the camera is in a consistent position in the car, you may be able to set the perspective to grab with coordinates only instead of having to use an AI model to identify the dashboard knobs.


img = equ.GetPerspective(120, 150, -15, 720, 1080)