convert rtmp to rtsp

I know that when playing live streaming on RICOH THETA V, only the rtmp protocol is supported. Live streaming is now available on YouTube. But I would like to convert the camera’s video data from rtmp to rtsp. If there is a good way, thank you. It is better if you use the camera’s IP address.


I have not done this myself, so please take this response with a grain of salt. You may be able to make the conversion using a video management platform in the middle.

Wowza appears to have the ability to take in a RTMP video stream and output a RTSP video stream using it’s cloud-based “Wowza Streaming Engine.” Some info here:

A similar concept is probably available with Bitmovin’s “Live Encoder.” Some info here, with good details on the architecture about using a “mezzanine” or “contribution” encoder to process the live signal and transcode it:

To be clear, I have not done this myself.

If you make some progress, please post the info back here and help out the community. I bet you’re not the only one looking at this.


Try to provide some context for how you will be using this. IDK what you mean by “use the camera’s IP address”, but that would make it easier for me to be able to help you.

Regardless though, here is probably what you want:

This is a plugin you can install on the Ricoh Theta V, and it has a ton of cool features. Unfortunately it is all in Japanese though. You can view all the features on their website. In the overview they explicitly show that they have RTSP functionality, and I have been able to verify its functionality using VLC. Unfortunately the code for the plugin isn’t open source so you are sort of locked in to using their plugin and you can’t improve or tweak it. I can’t even find contact info for the developers =(

But that should be enough to get your started =)

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