Dose Offical Streaming Plugin Support RTSP?



I’m trying to stream from my theta V to my PC and need some help. For some reason I have to use RTSP protocol, does the official wireless live streaming plugin support RTSP streaming? Can I do a live stream to a local RTSP port (like rtsp:// so that I can read that port remotely? I’m aware of the WebAPI plugin which has a RTSP streaming mode, I wonder if I can do similar things with the live streaming plugin? Any help would be much appreciated.



The theta wifi streaming plug-in only supports RTMP.

You’ll need a device to convert the stream from the THETA to RTSP. Maybe ffmpeg will work.

It looks like you can use ffmpeg to take the USB output of a camera and then send it to ffserver to stream RTSP. Please report back with any success.

It also looks like VLC support RTSP output.

I am not familiar with the service below, but it indicates that it can output RTSP.


Thanks I’ll have a look


From reading stackoverflow, it looks a little tricky to get vlc or ffserver to stream rtsp.