Developing against a remote theta camera


Our engineering team needs to start soon building our iOS integration for the Theta camera. We’ll be connecting it to our app to capture and download images directly from the camera to our app.

Main challenge is that our engineering team doesn’t currently have the camera. Our business team (in a different country) does. Is there a way to have our developers connect remotely (VPN?) and actually develop against the remote camera?


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This is problematic as the camera to computer connection using Wi-Fi may need to be reset from time to time.

Option 1 - Connect Camera in Access Point Mode to Business Team Computer

You need two network interfaces on the business team (BT) computer. For example, the BT computer could connect to the Internet with Ethernet and then connect to the THETA with Wi-Fi. The THETA is always going to be at If the BT is using an Internet router with the same IP address, there will be a conflict. You then need to use desktop sharing from the BT computer to the Mac that the Development Team (DT) is using. You will need to install XCode on the BT computer. There is no known example of this workflow, but it seems to be theoretically possible.

Option 2 - Connect to camera with Client Mode (THETA V and Z1 only)

The SC2 and SC do not have client mode access. You can’t use the BT router to assign the SC2 an IP address and then access that IP address though the VPN. If the BT team has an old THETA V around, they can use Client Mode to have your BT router assign the THETA V an IP address which the VPN could theoretically access. Again, this is not tested. For Client Mode, you need to use Digest Authentication


  • there is no known way to connect the SC2 to the BT computer and use IP over the USB port to talk to the SC2
  • The SC2 will not work with Ethernet
  • You can power the SC2 through a wall adapter or use a data blocker to keep the SC2 powered while it is using Wi-Fi.

There is old information on setting up a computer with both Internet access and access to a THETA in AP mode.

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Thank you @craig. Sorry for the late response.
We’re looking into how to apply option 1. I might come back with more questions later.

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@Sary Hope that Option 1 works for you. Please let us know when you make progress. If we can help more, don’t hesitate to ask, we’ll do our best to help!

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