Connect Camera and Mobile Network at Same Time?

“I am trying to build an application for our clients that use Soti, so they will not be able to manually connect. I have no problem using react-native-wifi-reborn to connect to the camera, but at that point I am not able to talk with our camera for some reason. Do you have any recommendations on talking to a ricoh theta x while there is a mobile network connected as well?”

I saw this comment on a YouTube video and was wondering if anyone had any solutions to it. I am looking into it myself and trying to do the same thing.

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So far, my testing has shown that the official RICOH THETA app can connect to the camera and access the internet through a mobile cellular data connection.

Test with RICOH THETA app

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RICOH 360 app test

It also seems capable of connecting to bluetooth and wifi, with a mobile cellular connection as well.

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Thanks for the test. The original developer figured out the cause of the problem.

@THETA360Developers I just figured it out. We had a VPN that was causing issues connecting to our camera. Hope this helps with future developers. Thanks for the great info!