Download captured photo using react-native-fs

I want to know how to use react-native-fs to download captured photos. The URL is

It looks like you have the RICOH THETA in access point mode. the endpoint will always be

Make sure you use http, not https.

If you’re trying to save to camera roll, consider CameraRoll

Or, do you want to attach the image to the red dot on the map?

If you’re trying to attach the image to the red dot automatically, it is a bit tricky. If you’re attaching the image manually, most people use a cloud-based database and include an entry for the image along with the name of the room in the DB table.

@khafagaa did you solve your problem?

There’s an open source SDK from RICOH that might be of interest to you.

If you’re still stuck, I can ask an intern to work on an example on Monday.

yes, thank u for your interest, but i have figured out that the image already in phone`s files so it was easy to use this

@craig i have issue in. android Getting jitters in live preview in react native (platform android) , what should i do

See the issue above and solution.

See this demo of the live preview with React Native with solution.

What camera model are you using for the development? Is it a THETA X?