Dual-fisheye Images With THETA V Plug-in


Just using the Google Maps link that you posted I was able to walk around and find the corkboard stands that have all the images up. Pretty cool. :slight_smile: Gives me a good feel for the area. :3theta_s:


@Juantonto, great work with the tour of RICOH Imaging Square in Osaka.

I like your Street View tours more than the tiny planet images on display. I wonder if RICOH Imaging can display more community images as Street View tour style instead of tiny planets?


I absolutely agree with you. Facebook friend of mine, a great SV photographer(potaro67) is also invited in this exhibition. I am very proud of his works.

Of course, I voted No.30.

東尋坊; Tojinbo, one of the most famous sight-seeing spots in Japan.

Too small to find out! Where is potaro67’s work?
Yeah, I also hate tiny planets. His work is always huge and massive Theta images.

I tell you a kind of scecret I’ve found. See the screenshot above. If you upload a Theta image to theta360.com without GPano, you can do the same.

Throw them away!


so I think there is no official way to turn off image stitching, I found a plugin by Ichi (http://theta360.guide/plugin-guide/fisheye/) Sample Command is (mParameters.set("RIC_PROC_STITCHING_TYPE", "RicNonStitching");) , so is there a way we can use this plugin to get unstitched image same time wifi transfer to PC?


Note that the dual-fisheye plug-in is now in the store.


There is no example to transfer it to a PC or mobile phone with Wi-Fi. It’s technically possible to do this, but no one has finished a plug-in yet.

Someone on this site finished a modification of Facial Blur to download the file.

It’s a straightforward modification. You may want to take the picture with the CameraAPI and from within the Plug-in, use the WebAPI (you can access it from inside the plug-in) to transfer the image. This might be easier to implement.

If you finish the plug-in, please submit it to the plug-in store. @jcasman can help you with the submission. We’re trying to get more community plug-ins in the store by the end of the year.


@jasondaywalker, in addition to the information above, I know that @jcasman is working on an article that profiles H3D and the work that @BrianKitchen10 is doing.

Brian successfully built a dual-fisheye plug-in that automatically moves the image over to another computer for processing using the USB cable. I believe the USB cable also powers the THETA.

As you may be working on your own solution right now, thought I would share with the clever and creative technique from Brian.

  1. user puts THETA into plug-in mode
  2. Plug-in runs as an infinite loop and constantly checks if there is a picture in the storage folder
  3. If no picture is present, then another picture is taken
  4. He uses ptpcam and libptp on a separate computer to move the picture over
  5. The control program (the one using ptpcam) deletes all the pictures in the THETA V storage area, causing Brian’s plug-in to take a new picture
  6. The control program then transfers the new picture over.

Cool! I hope that Brian is able to release this plug-in through the THETA Store. It’s a cool idea.

There is a long through on using the USB API here:

If you download the image to a mobile app. You can use the API here:


I have not tried this, but I believe you can boot the plug-in with this API