Dual-fisheye Images With THETA V Plug-in


Hi, @codetricity. You are not novice people. You are an expert.

In PTGui 11.7, the errors are too difficult to be touched by GIMP(or Photoshop)+Pano2VR.

I do not want perfect stitching. but auto generating Control Points do not work well.

I could get “Good” result after “aligning images” process. Indeed,there were some stitching errors to be touched easily. It’s enough.

Time is Money.



Thank you for this information. Just to confirm your test. The PTGui THETA V template that is included with PTGui 11.7 is not automatically providing a reasonable stitch, right?

To use the stitching template, we need to set the control points manually, right?

Did you delete the automatically generated Control Points? Or, do you add new Control Points manually and leave the automatically-generated points in the project?


Hi, @codetricity
I successfully got very good result of stitching a pair of Dual Fisheye images(6 images/HDR) with PTGui pro ver.11.7(11.8).

Dual Fisheye plugin was updated to ver.1.01.0000t at 18th.Sep.
How can I switch 5/7/9 shots mode? I want to know the method before updating.


OK. I found the tutorial panel on the Plug-in page. Updated now.
I’ll try it again.


that’s a perfect shot . You completed eliminated the tripod and stitch line.

Did you manually set the control points just once for your camera? Then, all the subsequent pictures have a perfect stitch?