Edit360: THETA Converter Free

This application “edit360: THETA Converter Free” what can I find it? does anyone use it?

I don’t know of any use cases. If you buy it, please report back on your experience.

On the desktop, there is a free tool called Hugin, that can reorient the image:

how do you “leveled photosphere images” the crooked photos?

Look at this artcle



You need to change the default to jpg image and run a batch process.

You can also use photoshop

do I try to figure out why a photo may be wrong? because as long as we keep the camera in any way, when we take the picture through the Theta application, the photo appears in the good.

When you import the pictures into your desktop application, the XMP data may get stripped out.

Try to connect the camera to your computer with a USB cable and then move the files to your computer manually, not using automatic import into an application.

The photo orientation correction is stored in the JPEG metadata.

What application are you having problems with?