Evryplace Demo at TechCrunch DISTRUPT - Sept 6 and 7 - San Francisco

TechCrunch DISRUPT is just getting fired up at Moscone West, downtown San Francisco. We’ve participated in the hackathon in the past, with people doing live streaming, e-commerce, video filters and a ton more. It’s a great atmosphere.

Evryplace is demo-ing their THETA V plug-in, called EVRYPLACE Sync, that allows for “seamless uploads of images created using Theta V camera and EVRYPLACE app. Now you can synchronize, upload and update your projects via your mobile.”

I’ve had a opportunity to see finished, polished commercial THETA V plug-ins recently. It’s impressive. As an end user, it makes it super smooth. Basically press one button, and everything is taken care of.

I’m headed down there today, looking forward to finding out more!

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Please take some pictures of the Evryplace booth and general show activities.

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I will, I will! It should be busy!

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