Failed to connect to / (port 80) from / (port 46982) after 3000ms

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I am using RICOH THETA SE32 and integrating android SDK**(with kotlin)**. I am following the right steps but am unable to connect the camera. Getting this exception at detectedCameraInfo.pullWithShortTimeout();
protected CameraDevice detect() {
ItemCameraInfo detectedCameraInfo = null;

try {
    detectedCameraInfo = new ItemCameraInfo(false);
} catch (Exception var4) {
    LOG.warn("Failed to pull camera info");
    return null;

Exception is: failed to connect to / (port 80) from / (port 46982) after 3000ms

I am following the below steps to connect the camera to the phone and integrate SDK-

  1. Add the SDK jar file to the project in the libs folder.
  2. Add dependencies and packaging options in build. grade file.
  3. Add documentation code to detect and connect the camera.
  4. Connect camera and phone through wifi.
  5. Add android:usesCleartextTraffic=“true” to manifest.

I am getting empty detected devices all the time from CameraDeviceDetector class because it throws exceptions in the protectedcameraDevicedetect method.

Here are some details about my android studio and device version-
Device- Pixel 4a(android 12)
Android Studio- Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 Patch 3
Language- Kotlin

Please help me out with the above issue so I can go forward with the integration part.

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Are you using the correct SDK?

The IP address of the camera should be on port 80.

Please post the link to the SDK on GitHub that you are using.

I download the Android SDK from this documentation link(7th link from the top)-
I am following all the right steps to integrate this SDK into my android app-

Also, let me know how to check the app is making a connection with the RICOH camera.

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That’s the wrong SDK for the THETA. That SDK is for PENTAX cameras. Use the THETA SDK.

For testing, use this tool.


Or open up a web browser at

Put your email into this box and get the documentation

RICOH THETA SC2 Developer Information

or use curl

$ curl
{"api":["/osc/info","/osc/state","/osc/checkForUpdates","/osc/commands/execute","/osc/commands/status"],"apiLevel":[2],"_bluetoothMacAddress":"58:38:79:03:0C:47","endpoints":{"httpPort":80,"httpUpdatesPort":80},"firmwareVersion":"2.01.0","gps":false,"gyro":true,"manufacturer":"RICOH","model":"RICOH THETA Z1","serialNumber":"10010104","supportUrl":"","uptime":414286,"_wlanMacAddress":"58:38:79:03:17:06"}

Hi, Morning. Thanks for the response.

I already put my email into this box to get documentation.
RICOH THETA SC2 Developer Information

I find tutorial videos, command-line tests, and everything related to flutter on this page. I am not able to find SDK for RICOH THETA SC2 and documentation for KOTLIN. Please help with this.

and it tells me to drop a mail to get the latest code and documentation.
Please contact for updated code examples with SC2-specific information

I have already dropped a mail at but have not gotten any reply for 2 days.

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Hey Craig, The Github project link you provide in this message is the android app, not the SDK. Please let me know how to use this as SDK.
If I convert the app into SDK, after that I need documentation for how to use that SDK in our app to-
Capture/Capture setting
Live View
Image Handling
Download Image etc. Thanks.

The Android SDK is here:

The iOS SDK is here:

The API documentation is here: