Android (Java) code to connect Theta X camera


I have to create a Android Native application in Java to connect Theta X Camera to that application.

How can I connect Theta X Camera to my android application.
I just want to take picture using my android app and show preview before clicking.

Can anyone has idea. Thanks…



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Hi Craig,

Thanks for the response.
This is working perfectly fine with Theta Z1 and Theta V.

But this is not working which Theta X.

Did you try the Flutter code? The THETA X is the main development camera for the Getting Started Guide and Android Pixel 2, 3, 4 are the main phone test units.

This is a simple example:

I’ll look at the Android SDK from RICOH and test it with the X.

Update - July 25, 2022 Evening

SDK from RICOH GitHub repo works as expected on physical device Google Pixel 4a running Android 12.


  • Windows 11 build env
  • Android Studio 2021.2.1 Patch 1
  • Java runtime 11.0
  • Gradle 7.3.3 with plug-in 7.2.1
  • THETA X firmware 1.20.0

Please advise on the problem you are having in more detail.

Update July 29, 2022

Tip: Set _cameraControlSource to “app” for the X.

Turn off the LCD on the X while the app is being used to reduce the heat and increase the stability of the API commands between the THETA X and your mobile phone.

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