Any new update on Ricoh theta iOS sdk

Hello Team ,

Do we have any update on iOS sdk? What I could see latest is on 3-4 years old (theta v2.1)

That one works badly with the older Ricoh version devices

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I believe that you are looking at the most recent version. I believe this is it.
GitHub - ricohapi/theta-api2.1-ios-sdk: RICOH THETA API v2.1 SDK for iOS

There is a community discussion about using the camera with Swift.

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Hello Craig ,
Will this version(v2.1) works for Theta S & Theta SC as well?

RICOH THETA S with firmware 1.62 or later will work as will SC if you check for the API version when your app first starts. When using the API v2.0, you must specify that clientVersion

Please review the document below and make post again if you have questions.

  • RICOH THETA API v2.1 (does not require startSession) - V, Z1, X, SC2
  • For S and SC, you will need to specify the clientVersion

Happy to get more questions from you to help you with this process.

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@craig Thanks for the information & document link .That’s my next step to try out to use 2.1 sdk to run the Theta S & other older devices we support

Quick one on v2.1 , Does it support only Theta V or all newer version? Because in the github sdk page , i have seen this in Readme and it mentions only Theta V hardware

  • Required environment for development

    [About RICOH THETA]
    Dedicated sample applications for the RICOH THETA that meet the following conditions.

    * Hardware
    * Firmware
        * RICOH THETA V: Version 1.00.1 or above
        (Method for checking and updating the firmware:

    [About the Development Environment for Sample Application]
    Operation of the sample application has been verified under the following conditions.

    * Verified operating environment
        iPhone 6s
    * Development/Build Environment
        Xcode 8.3

I’ve successfully tested it with the Z1 and X in addition to the V. I can’t remember if I tested the iOS with the X, but I have not heard of problems.

Z1 with android

Z1 with iOS

X with Android

We are happy to help you with additional questions.

Also, I am trying to find out if there is an official Swift SDK. We are here to help.