Feature Requests - Focus on RICOH R Dev Kit (Jan 2017 POLL)

This poll is a community-generated list of feature and documentation requests. It is unofficial but hopefully an organized way of getting our interests heard.

We are excited about the recent announcement about the RICOH R Dev Kit. As we understand it, this is NOT a commercially available “next version” of a RICOH THETA. It is a (probably) limited availability testing platform with features aimed at developers and companies building products and services. Very cool!

Your votes and specific comments about how you would use a RICOH R are useful. This poll will be open through the end of January 2017, and then we will collect and summarize the results. That information will be presented to the RICOH THETA product manager and overall business management team. Thank you for your input!

What Features / Guides would be most useful with the upcoming RICOH R Dev Kit?

  • Access RICOH R as webcam in Unity (THETA UVC FullHD Blender does not show up in Unity)
  • Show two cameras on single computer, both in equirectangular (THETA UVC FullHD Blender can only show a single camera)
  • Ability to turn camera on with USB power (THETA S limited to manually pressing a power button)
  • Ability to control camera with full UVC 1.5 spec over USB, including USB bitrate and quantization parameters
  • Sample 360 video stream viewer in JavaScript with full navigation ability for use in browsers (assume RICOH R is connected to a web server with USB)
  • Sample 360 video stream viewer for Android (when connected with USB)
  • Sample 360 video stream viewer for iOS (when connected with USB)
  • Sample 360 video stream viewer for Android (when connected to Raspberry Pi webserver on same network with WiFi)
  • Sony PlayStation VR viewer sample
  • Oculus Rift viewer sample
  • HTC Vive viewer sample
  • A-Frame samples
  • Google VR samples
  • HowTo guides for streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Periscope (Twitter)
  • Ability to take still images with RICOH R Dev Kit (similar to normal webcam experience)

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Seems like the poll causes issues in chrome. In any case, power on control over USB is VERY high on my list (as is bypassing the battery for outdoor applications, but the dev kit will be battery-less anyway).

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May be of topic but
Enable to register two cameras in the THETA app via WIFI like you can with GoPro and Sony Action Cams

for Stereo Cardboard HD and Slideshows

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